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Hlebarkite BG is a Bulgarian Pest Control Company serves the regions of Sofia, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Blagoevgrad, Kyustendil, Pernik, Pazardzhik and Haskovo. We offer high quality pest control services that are completely harmless and 100% effective. We have many years of experience in the fight against cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, ants, rodents and many other pests.
If you need information or help consult us by phone, via Viber, via WhatsApp or via any of the other channels completely free of charge.





There are 4 species of cockroaches in Bulgaria. Fortunatelly our service works perfectly against all of them. The treatment we offer for cockroaches is extremely effective. We manage to 100% kill all of them in just one visit. The treatment is completely harmless to you, without any smell and without the need for quarantine. We use high-class biocides that have more than one active substance with continuous action. This is how we can do the job with just 1 visit and in addition you will be protected from ivasion of new cockroaches in future.
Before we come you only need to remove the unpacked food items from the kitchen cupboards.
We recommend the treatment to be repeated once on every 6 months.

Treatment of 1 home up to 100 sq.m. / 4 rooms 55.00 BGN
Treatment of 2-5 homes each up to 100 sq.m. / 4 rooms 50.00 BGN
Treatment of 6+ homes each up to 100 sq.m. / 4 rooms 45.00 BGN
Treatment of a basement and stairs in a building up to 8 fl. high 95.00 BGN
For every subsequent floor in buildings taller that 8 floors 10.00 BGN / floor

100% problem solving in just ONE visit, even in the most severe cases!




Fleas are a common problem in Bulgaria. We have specialized equipment and multi-component insecticides that manage to destroy fleas down to the feet. According to the specifics of different places, different techniques and different insecticides are used, and also the procedures and quarantine terms are different. However in the worst case you will have to leave the treated place for like 3-4 hours maximum. Against fleas, 2 treatments are usually needed every 14 days. In rare cases, we may need to visit you a third time, but this is when the problem is very severe.
The requirements before the treatment differ by the place and case, so it the better option is to discuss this by the phone.

Treatment of 1 home up to 100 sq.m. / 4 rooms 65.00 BGN
Treatment of open places up to 1 decare 95.00 BGN
Treatment of a basement and stairs in a building up to 8 fl. high 95.00 BGN
For every subsequent floor in buildings taller that 8 floors 10.00 BGN / floor


Bed bugs

Bed bugs are among the most difficult pests in the world to get rid of. Fortunately, we are specialized  mostly in bed bug control. We have studied the species for many years and have developed our own method, which has already helped thousands of people in Bulgaria. Bed bug treatment begins with a detailed inspection of potentially infested areas. Then we start spraying with a specialized technique for ultra-low-volume spraying, thanks to which the insecticide reaches every corner of the home. The insecticide is the other key element in the fight against bed bugs. We work with the only proven insecticide in Europe against this scourge. The treatment must be repeated after 14 days. In some cases, a 3rd treatment may be necessary. 
The quarantine period after the treatment is just 3 to 4 hours.

Treatment of 1 home up to 100 sq.m. / 4 rooms 85.00 BGN
For every subsequent room in homes larger than 4 rooms 20.00 BGN / room

Treatment with an ULV sprayer that allows the poison to reach every place in your home!




Ants are harmless but extremely annoying pests. The service we offer against ants includes a thorough spraying of all potential places where they can build a nest. Thus we guarantee 100% efficiency with just one visit. Processing begins with a detailed inspection. It is of key importance that the client shares with us the places where he most often encountered ants. In this way, we prevent the risk of missing an unusual place for ants, which is, however, preferred by them in your home. The insecticide we use is harmless to you and does not leave any smell. You can ventilate after the treatment and only 30 minutes later you can use your home without restrictions.

Treatment of 1 home up to 100 sq.m. / 4 rooms 55.00 BGN
Treatment of open places up to 1 decare 95.00 BGN



Ticks are extremely dangerous insects that are often found in Bulgaria. They are most active in the spring and then have a second wave of activity in the fall. It mainly sprays lawns and other vegetation where the adult ticks actually live. For quality tick control we use a high pressure motorized sprayer. This is the only way we can be sure that the insecticide will be able to penetrate the lawns well enough and kill all the ticks. Usually only one treatment is needed in the spring, but for greater security we recommend repeating the treatment in the fall.

Treatment of open places up to 1 decare 95.00 BGN
For every subsequent decare 25.00 BGN / decare



Flies are very annoying, and they are also carriers of diseases. For quality fly control we use a combination of spraying and smearing methods. Our treatment is highly effective, but unfortunately only applicable indoors. Outdoor treatment would also work, but the effectiveness is quite low and the durability is only a few days. Indoors, however, the insecticide works for a long time. Two such treatments within the summer season in about a month or two are quite sufficient for a quality fight against flies. In addition, the treatment is completely harmless, safe and odorless for you.

Treatment of 1 home up to 100 sq.m. / 4 rooms 65.00 BGN



Deratisation is a job for experts. Rodents are extremely cunning creatures and this is what makes them so difficult to get rid of. However, we have many years of experience and know how to deal with them. In our treatment, we use rodenticides of the highest class, which are only allowed for professional use. In addition to the quality poison, we also apply a method of outwitting the rodents. Only in this way we can be sure that the efficiency of our work will be 100%. One treatment is usually sufficient. In case of a larger attack or bigger rat population, a second visit may be necessary after a while. For good prevention we recommend to treat your home once on every 6 monts.

Treatment of 1 home up to 100 sq.m. / 4 rooms 55.00 BGN
Treatment of open places up to 1 decare 65.00 BGN
Treatment of a basement and stairs in a building up to 8 fl. high 65.00 BGN
For every subsequent floor in buildings taller that 8 floors 5.00 BGN



There are only two types of poisonous snakes in Bulgaria, but they should not be underestimated as a pest. For good protection of your home against snakes, we use a repellent that we spread around the home as a barrier. It protects you from invasion. However, if the snake has already entered your home, we will not be able to help with its removal.

Barrier treatment of 100 linear meters 55.00 BGN



There are different types of spiders in Bulgaria. They are usually harmless, but they can often be very scary people. To completely remove them and protect your home from them, we use a high-quality insecticide that we apply in key places for their population. Thus, in just a few days, the problem is resolved 100%, and the residual effect of the biocide protects you from spiders in the future.

Treatment of 1 home up to 100 sq.m. / 4 rooms 55.00 BGN


Disinfection + Covid19

Disinfection is the fight against viruses, bacteria and disease-causing organisms. Pest Control companies in Bulgaria are also certified for professional disinfection. Our treatment includes a quality chlorine-based disinfectant and proper technique that is proven to kill most pathogens on surfaces and in the air.

Treatment of 1 home up to 100 sq.m. / 4 rooms 65.00 BGN


Bad smell removing

Odor removal service has been tested many times. It is done with a specialized machine that sprays a substance that fights bad odor at the source level. However, it is extremely important that the source be identified and accessible beforehand.

Treatment of 1 home up to 100 sq.m. / 4 rooms 65.00 BGN


Pest Control Services for business

All food businesses in Bulgaria need to conclude a long-term contract for pest control services. Such businesses are, for example: shops, restaurants, kiosks, fast food restaurants, cafes, food warehouses, food factories, food workshops, and also medical facilities. Hlebarkite BG is a licensed company and has a certificate for performing these services. We offer businesses a contract that is completely non-binding and without any penalties for early termination. According to the contract, we carry out our services once every month at the site, doing it discreetly, safe, completely harmless and without interfering with the work process. The monthly fee for this service is determined at the time of the pre-inspection and remains fixed with full coverage against all types of pests and a 100% pest-free guarantee. In addition we prepare all the necessary documents that the inspection authorities require from you completely free of charge.

Individual price for every different place from 25.00 BGN / month


All prices are final, in Bulgarian leva. For all regional cities in which we operate: Sofia, Pernik, Kyustendil, Blagoevgrad, Plovdiv, Pazardzhik, Stara Zagora, Haskovo, as well as for the town of Stamboliyski, we do NOT charge an additional fee for transport. For the rest of the settlements, we have to charge an additional transport fee, which is minimal and corresponds to the actual fuel consumption we incur to reach you. When you make an appointment, we will calculate this fee based on the current fuel prices and you will be notified in advance for the final price of the service.